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Dec 18 2020

Autoform DM 9.2

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DM Release Version 9.2.0

Release date: 18th December 2020

New Features

The following new features have been added since our last release:

Document Encryption

We have added an additional layer of protection against unauthorised access or processing of sensitive data. Autoform DM can now be configured to perform application-level encryption of document files.

Elastic Document Keys

An indefinite number of keys can now be stored against your documents giving you the flexibility to store your data how you want.

For a more detailed description of these new features, please see our New Features page.

Performance Improvements

The following performance enhancements have now been implemented:

  • Optimised use of EJBs.
  • Optimised caching of users and document archive paths.
  • Utilised Hibernate’s Natural ID cache.

Usability Improvements

The following usability enhancements have now been implemented:

  • Removed ‘consecutive character’ option from password settings.
  • Improved usability of the REST SDK deliverables.
  • Standardised navigation of the home button across admin screens.
  • Removed Basic/Advanced buttons from all screens, the default now shows all options.
  • Invalid name identifiers now cause the upgrade to fail (with options for resolution), rather than silently causing residual problems.


The following list contains details of fixes we have implemented since the last release:

  • Fixed incorrect display of document definition filename format
  • Key definitions created using ‘quick-create’ now correctly preserve a ‘dirty’ state in the bindings screen.
  • Error handling improved when cloning/creating users with an already-in-use username
  • Note/Group label updates no longer incorrectly update the name.
  • Resolved browser caching issue with CSS and js in the web-integrations module.
  • Addressed many missing database constraints.
  • Configuration import no longer fails when a search and document definition are being removed at the same time.
  • Resolved issue causing the configuration import to lock and time-out in some cases.
  • The ‘New Key Definition’ button no longer overlaps longer key definition lists.
  • Improved error handling with unbinding document definitions from searches.
  • Correct key icons are now displayed.

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