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Jul 26 2020

Autoform DM 9.1

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DM Release Version 9.1 

Release date: 27th July 2020

 Notable Changes

 These changes should be considered before upgrading:

  • When Upgrading from 9.0 to 9.1 using the silent installer, the installer properties file must now contain the USR_NODE_NAME attribute.
  • Search query keys that have default values and are also read-only can no longer be overridden via the REST API (results in a 400 Bad Request).

Security Improvements

The following security enhancements have now been implemented:

  • We have updated document access control, allowing full enforcement of search access configuration on all document operations.
  • We have added Group management audit events.
  • Note definition management audit events have been added.
  • ‘Deleted’ (hidden) users can no longer activate evaluation mode.
  • We have updated lodash library from 4.13.11 to 4.17.15.

Usability Improvements

The following usability enhancements have now been implemented:

  • We have standardised and improved database update logging to make debugging easier.
  • The standalone installer now supports the specification of a node name and port offset values, allowing multiple standalone installs on a single machine.


The following list contains details of fixes we have implemented since the last release:

  • The applications' dropdown wording is now more consistent.
  • The search query keys with default values have been fixed for both the frontend and the APIs where:
    • the key is not read-only, the values can be overridden.
    • the key is read-only, the values cannot be overridden.
  • The reset button on the Role Manager screen now clears the state correctly.
  • We have resolved a visual glitch where icons were misaligned from the text.
  • Reduced duplication of document access audit events when using the frontend.
  • Resolved an issue preventing SQL application operations from auditing correctly.
  • Configuration management can now associate links between groups and users.
  • Updating user application access now triggers the correct audit event to be logged.
  • We reverted a 9.0 database update that attempted to shorten name fields to 50; we saw examples of customer usages where document definition names exceeded this, so the name width once again stands at 255.

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