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Jan 2 2024

Autoform DM 10.4 New Features

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Autoform-DM-ColourSmall.pngRelease version: 10.4

Release date: 2nd January 2024

Video Overview

Watch this short video to learn more about the headline features included with Autoform DM 10.4!

New Features

This release of Autoform DM enhances the document import feature, by adding the ability to extract document identification codes from barcodes in import documents. This release also sees us continue to develop Autoform DM’s cloud-native deployment capabilities.

Document Import – Barcode Scan and Match

As part of its web-based document import workflow, Autoform DM can now streamline the import process by automatically extracting a document identification code from a barcode in each document. This code is used as the document's Customer Unique Key (CUK). As a result, users no longer need to manually enter a document’s CUK during the import process!

This feature builds on existing CUK functionality. So, if the document identification code that Autoform DM reads from a barcode matches the CUK of a document in the archive, the document for import is regarded as a new revision of that existing document. If there is no match, Autoform DM regards it as a new document.

BSM 1.pngBarcode Scan and Match currently supports the following barcode types:

  • Code 128

  • Code 39

  • QR code

For more information, go to the Import Keys and Using Document Import Applications pages of the Autoform DM product documentation.

This feature can be added to existing import applications through configuration.

Cloud Clustering

Enhanced support for cloud-native deployment has been added to Autoform DM, as part of our continuing investment in streamlining and improving our cloud platform offering.

As a result, future iterations of the Formpipe Cloud offering will be able to take full advantage of the industry-standard container orchestration technology Kubernetes, by running SaaS deployments of Autoform DM on Microsoft Azure Kubernetes clusters in the Cloud.

This will take Formpipe’s ability to provide secure, highly-available, and horizontally-scalable Autoform DM systems to the next level, enabling Formpipe to deploy high-availability systems for its customers faster and more efficiently than ever before.

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