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Why is my Lasernet Developer processing jobs slowly? - Knowledgebase / Lasernet / Lasernet FAQs - Formpipe Support Portal

Why is my Lasernet Developer processing jobs slowly?

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Whilst Lasernet can have very fast throughput, there are a number of factors that can cause it to process slowly. This article will describe some checks that can be carried out which may be contributing to any delay in throughput:

  • Check the size of the database that Lasernet generates. The default locations:

Lasernet 9:  %ProgramData%\Formpipe Software\Lasernet 9\Service\InstanceName\Databases 

Lasernet 8: %ProgramData%\Formpipe Software\Lasernet 8\InstanceName\Databases 

If the database is larger than 0.5 GB then it is likely that it is causing the slowdown. 

It can be removed, however, this will remove all jobs currently picked up by Lasernet.

Follow these steps to safely create more space in the database:

1. Stop all Lasernet input printers and input modules.

2. Stop the Lasernet Service when all jobs have finished processing. You can check if jobs are processing via Lasernet Monitor.

3. Move the .combiner, .databases, .failedjobs and .pendingjobs folders from %ProgramData%\Formpipe Software\Lasernet 9\Service\InstanceName to a back-up location.

4. Restart the Lasernet Service and wait for it to recreate the missing folders (.combiner, .databases, .failedjobs and .pendingjobs).

6. Unpause all the inputs, and jobs should continue to process.

Further checks

  • Check the build for any long delays caused by job combining or scheduling.
  • Check for any bottlenecks in the build (multiple inputs going through one form engine for example). Formpipe can advise how to improve the build.
  • Check server resources aren't close to 100% while Lasernet is processing slowly.
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