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Where can I find the Lasernet logs? - Knowledgebase / Lasernet / Lasernet FAQs - Formpipe Support Portal

Where can I find the Lasernet logs?

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The log files are called LaserNet.lnlog and by default 5 x 10mb of logs are retained. The Service Instance %InstanceName% is your Lasernet instance name, normally it is named 'Default’.

Lasernet 6.7: %ProgramData%\Formpipe Software\LaserNet v6.7\%InstanceName%\LaserNet.lnlog
Lasernet 7: %ProgramData%\Formpipe Software\LaserNet 7\%InstanceName%\LaserNet.lnlog
Lasernet 8: %ProgramData%\Formpipe Software\LaserNet 8\%InstanceName%\LaserNet.lnlog
Lasernet 9: %ProgramData%\Formpipe Software\LaserNet 9\Service\%InstanceName%\LaserNet.lnlog

Lasernet 10: %ProgramData%\Formpipe Software\LaserNet 10\Service\%InstanceName%\LaserNet.lnlog 

The locations above are only the default locations for the logs; you are able to specify your own location. To do this, follow these steps:

1. Open the build within Lasernet and click the Servers tab.

2. Double-click the instance and then click the Logger option in the ribbon.

3. In the Log directory field, click the ellipses button to choose a destination folder.

For older versions of Lasernet, double-click the Properties for the Instance Name on the left and then go to the Logger tab. The Log Directory should be where your logs are stored (if different from above).

The install paths might be different for users running the EFS versions.
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