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Tier Overview

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We understand that one size fits all is not a suitable solution, so Formpipe.Cloud follows a "Good/Better/Best" approach, with more features included with each tier.

Test Tier Description

The Test tier is the most basic Formpipe.Cloud offering and is designed only for Test workloads.

  • A single production node of Lasernet and/or Autoform DM
  • Remote development tools
  • Data Encryption

Standard Tier Description

The Standard tier is a level above the Test tier and includes a few additional features. 

  • Everything from the Test tier
  • Locally Redundant Storage (LRS) is utilized to offer data centre level redundancy for data and services
  • Backups

Premium Tier Description

The Premium tier is a level above the Standard tier and includes a few additional features. The main benefits of the Premium tier are the added redundancy features and also the ability to restore a system from a replicated location (GRS) in a much shorter time frame due to Azure Site Recovery being included.

The Premium tier currently only supports Lasernet. 

  • Everything from the Standard tier
  • Two nodes are provisioned in a highly available configuration for increased service redundancy
  • Globally Redundant Storage (GRS) is utilised to offer a global data centre level of redundancy for data and services
  • GRS allows the backup data to be replicated to another Azure region for additional redundancy
  • Disaster Recovery via the Azure Site Recovery Service

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