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Temenos Architecture Overview

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This article breaks down how the Temenos interfaces infrastructure works and passes data to and from Lasernet and Autoform DM.

Click here to see a Formbytes video breakdown of the architecture. 


Generate, is the first core integration between Transact and the Formpipe Software suite (previously print preview). This allows for professional-looking customer-facing outputs to be created by using an enquiry or version.

When the PDF button is clicked on a page the interface relays data from the current page to Lasernet via an HTTP post.

Lasernet uses forms designed especially for that enquiry or version to map the data converting it into a customer-facing document and then returning it to the screen in the response to be previewed as well as sending it to any other destinations configured in Lasernet.

For example archive, email, print. The PDF button can be added to a browser tool or a drill-down.


Search is an integration between Transact and Autoform DM, Formpipe’s documentation archive solution that integrates directly with Transact.

This allows the results from an Autoform DM search to be returned to Transact to be viewed within the browser.

The Integration can be configured to pass parameters from Transact to Autoform DM.

For example, limiting results by date, customer number, or document type.

This integration runs on an enquiry, using the enquiry fields to build the search string passing it to an inbuilt Autoform DM server. This server uses letters within the URL to run the search and then returns the results back to Transact to show on the screen.

Document download

Document download interface is used to download a document stored in the Autoform DM archive. This is usually used in conjunction with the Search interface to return a list of available documents. Then allows the user to view one particular document on that list.

Document download is a drill-down that can be configured as a button. This sends the request to Autoform DM by constructing a URL containing the required parameters to return the required document for example the id or unique key for the document. Then it sends a request off to the Autoform server. The server then decodes the request and returns the required document to the transact screen.

So there you have the complete architecture of the core integrations between Transact and the Formpipe Software suite all intelligently designed to enhance the processing of data with efficiency.

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