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Reports are Duplicated when Printing Multiple Records

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The Lasernet Connector for Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations allows users to print multiple records at once through several different methods. These methods include multi-select, grouping via the Query wizard, and more. When multiple records are printed at once, the intent is for the Connector to produce a report for each record with its relevant data.

However,  reports can be repeated in a group rather than the intended individual records. The purpose of this article to provide a solution to the issue of duplicate records when printing multiple records at once.

This issue happens when the report's File name is not unique. To correct this, change the report's File Name under Parameters. Select the cog symbol and add a field with a unique value under Fields to File Name.


Below is an example of the issue and how to resolve it. First, we will show you an example of the issue and then how to apply the solution:

This Cheque_USReplacement report is using Grouping in the Query wizard. The report will split into separate documents based on the ChequeNum field.

Cause: The report file name is set to only use the SessionId() which is not unique to each record.

Generate payments for a Vendor payment journal with five lines. This should create five separate checks for each check number.

Issue: In the journal, there are five new reports with identical file names:

Issue: Upon reviewing each reports' XML, all five have the same data pertaining to only one of the checks. The same XML was created five times due to the file name not being unique:

Solution: Apply the solution by making the File name for the report unique. In this example, we have added the check number value.

Regenerate the five checks. This time each Archive name is unique.

Each XML has its respective record information. No reports are duplicated.

Be aware that using the System date and time field as the unique identifier in the file name could still lead to this problem. In the example provided, it is possible that more than one of the check reports would be generated at the same time and therefore not have unique file names.

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