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Reporting Cluster (Fabric Hosting)

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Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations uses a report cluster (fabric hosting) running via self-service. It was causing a different behavior between a DEV/1Box environment and a self-service environment.

Everything worked as expected on the DEV/1Box environment, but it generated a wrong output of the XML file in the self-service environment. The original, unfixed version of the SSRS reports was used, and the Lasernet Connector references could become empty. As a result, it was not possible to fetch these additional tables:

<FIELD_SalesConfirmDetailsTmp_LACTransRefRecId>0</ FIELD_SalesConfirmDetailsTmp_LACTransRefRecId>

Version 6.5.0 contains an adjustment that ensures the same behavior in the DEV/1Box environment as it is in the self-service environment.

The following feature was added to the previous version of D365 FO and is useful to ensure the proper execution of a report. The feature allows the preparation of the XML file, which has the fixed report name as a part of the file name. Normally, the original SSRS report is to have the LAC_Fix_xxxx prefix.

An SSRS report without a precision design does not have the LAC_Fix_xxxx. It is not possible to fix any SSRS report if it does not have a precision design.

Running a report generates the XML file (only when using SSRS reports as the origin for Lasernet, but not replacement reports).

The XML file is set using the following parameter:

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