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Report Identification - Example

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When printing reports, the Lasernet print buttons are not displayed on the user interface of Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations, even though Lasernet has been set up as the default option for print management. For example, the issue presents itself when printing a payment advice from the Payment Journal in Accounts Payable.


Report Identification can be set up for a report to make the Lasernet destinations available on the report's print dialog. In order to set up Report Identification, follow these steps:

1. Navigate to Modules > Lasernet > Common >  Reports.

2. Locate the report name, for example Cheque_US replaced with Cheque_USReplacement SSRS report.

3. On the Navigation pane, select Modules > Lasernet > Setup > Parameters.

4. Open the Performance tab, the expand the Report identification expandable section.

5. Enable the Activate Report Identification Mode option by toggling it to Yes

This will ensure the Report Identification button is available on the report's print dialog.


You may also create the report class by clicking the Report identification button.

6. Navigate to the report with the missing Lasernet destinations and open the print dialog for it. As an example, for the Cheque_US replaced with Cheque_USReplacement SSRS report, navigate to Accounts Payable > Payments > Vendor payment journal.

7. Select a journal and click the Lines button from the Menu bar to open the journal.

8. Select Print on the Menu bar and choose Payment advice from the dropdown menu.

9. Select Print destination in the Print dialogue box.

10. Click the Report identification button.

11. Navigate back to Lasernet Parameters > Performance and select Report Identification.

12. Click New, provide the Report name and Save.

13. Open the dropdown list for the Object name and select from the current call stack, FormFunctionButtonControl.

14. Open the dropdown list for the Caller and select CustVendPaymPrinterSettings.

15. Click Save.

16. Exit and retry the print.

The Lasernet print buttons are now available options.


This default report is "hard-coded" to the Screen, but you may change it via print management if necessary.

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