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RDL Sandboxing

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Enabling RDL sandboxing for a DEV/1Box environment does not exactly simulate a self-service environment because the self-service environment uses a “fabric hosting” and multiple reporting servers. With that, an attempt to enable RDL sandboxing has caused issues similar to the ones a self-service environment had. These issues are caused by some discontinued features (reflection) in the Reporting Server (SSRS). It should not be an issue for a newer version of Lasernet FO Connector as the discontinued reflection should get “re-added” into SSRS/FO.

The following error is displayed:


System.Web.Services.Protocols.SoapException: The report server has RDLSandboxing enabled and the Value expression for the text box 'textbox79' contains a reference to a type, namespace, or member 'GetType' that is not allowed.

While validating the report within Lasernet FO Connector, the following warning is shown:


Fixed report LAC_Fix_SalesConfirm.Report RDL definition contains reflection (Globals("RenderFormat").GetType().GetProperty("Name").GetValue(Globals("RenderFormat"), Nothing)), which will not be supported in upcoming versions of SSRS. Please remove fixed report version and re-run report fix wizard on your development environment. This will require re-deploy of reports.

It is an issue only when using SSRS as the origin for Lasernet and not when replacement reports (Query reports). It requires re-fixing the reports within a DEV/1Box environment and re-deploying the reports in Lasernet FO Connector after installing version 6.2.0 or newer.

Technical Perspective

A “fixed report” is previously supposed to contain the following expression for the placeholder within SSRS. This reflection is discontinued in some versions of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations, but it should get “re-added” in the newer versions.

=IIF(Globals("RenderFormat").GetType().GetProperty("Name").GetValue(Globals("RenderFormat"), Nothing)="XML","#LACRecId#"+CStr(Fields!RecId.Value)+"#LACRecId#","")

After re-fixing the reports in version 6.2.0, this expression is modified as follows:


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