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Project Invoice Print preview always goes to Standard AX screen

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This article provides a solution for the known issue where the PSAProjInvoice/ProjInvoice report goes to the AX screen if you click the Print Preview button.


To control the destination of the Print Preview button, change the Print management settings for the report, then change the function printPreview code. This can be executed through the following steps:

1. Navigate to Project management and accounting > Forms > Form setup.

2. On the Form setup window, select Print management.

3. Change the settings for the Project invoice without the billing rules report and close the window.

4. Go into the AOT by pressing CTRL + D.

5. Locate the ProjFormLetter class and open the printPreview function.

6. Alter the code according to the snippet provided below.

7. Click Save and compile the class.

8. Run an incremental CIL.

9. Click Print preview to run the report again. You should now be able to view a ProjInvoice with Lasernet.

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