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Print Disappears or is Rejected by the Printer

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This article provides a solution for the problem of when a print job sent by the Lasernet Cloud Print Connector disappears or is rejected by the printer.


1. Within your Lasernet configuration, go to Modules and open the Azure Storage module named Azure Storage Printer.

2. Select the Pre JobInfos tab and open this JobInfo:

3. Change the DocumentType so it corresponds to your printer driver.

If you have other printers working with RAW, then it's a good idea to take a copy of the Azure Storage module named Azure Storage Printer and then on the Printer Destination module, add it as a destination with a criteria.

Additional Information

If you don't know the DocumentType for your printer, please follow these steps:

1. Navigate to Devices and Printers (depending on your Windows version) on your print server.

2. Right-click on the print icon and select See what's printing.

3. Select Printer, then click Pause printing.

4. Select Printer and then Properties. Select Print Test Page, then close the window.

5. In the Print queue window, right-click the job and select Printer properties.

6. Now you can see the DocumentType in Datatype.

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