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Document printing in Lasernet BC Connector

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This article describes the print request page for documents and the Lasernet Print Archive function.

Document Printing

When the Print action is selected on documents in Dynamics 365 Business Central (for example, Order Confirmation on a Sales Order) defined for Lasernet integration, the Lasernet [document name] request page opens.

The Lasernet Option FastTab includes the field that determines what happens when the OK button is clicked. The options are:

  • Preview – Dynamics 365 Business Central waits for Lasernet to generate the PDF and shows it on the user screen. This option requires Acrobat Reader or another PDF viewer.

  • Save to PDF – Lasernet creates a PDF and returns it to the user PC, where Dynamics 365 Business Central opens a save file window in which the user can choose a name and a folder.

  • Print – A Print Dialog opens, and a printer can be selected. The printer name is written in the XML file for Lasernet and it is printed on the physical printer.

  • Send E-Mail – Lasernet sends a document as an e-mail using the address specified in the Lasernet E-Mail field on the customer/vendor card. This option requires an additional mail server setup in the Lasernet software.

  • E-Invoice – Generates a document in another format, such as XML. This option requires additional mapping/setup in Lasernet.

  • Fax – Sends a document to the fax indicated in the Lasernet Fax field on the customer/vendor card. This option requires additional setup for integration to a fax solution, such as Microsoft Fax.


The fields on the [Document Name] FastTab are used for filtering.

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