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Overlay not displaying correctly

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This applies to users running an older version of Lasernet (before version 8) which is no longer is supported.

When a user modifies an overlay, prints it and imports it, using Microsoft Word 2019, the resulting display is half the size it should be. If users are experiencing this issue, please follow one of the solutions below to resolve it:

Solution one

Change the settings for your Lasernet Print Capture device using these steps:

1. Open Lasernet Print Capture properties and click the Advanced tab.

2. Click the Print Processor button and select Lasernet Print Processor, if not already selected, which is our recommended choice. 

As an alternative, if LPP is already selected, use the "winprint" settings and validate if that changed anything after you have reprinted your overlays.

Solution two

If the previous solution, did not work for you, then leave your printer settings as default and follow these steps:

1. Select A4 instead of Letter as your paper format in Microsoft Word.

2. Adjust the ruler in Word for your two columns to fit your Letter format, since the A4 format is longer (in Landspace wider) than the Letter format.

3. Reprint the document to the Lasernet Printer Capture device and import the new overlay in your form.

A4 seems to be the preferred format for the Lasernet Printer Capture device and will calculate the position of your text in the overlay as expected in the forms.
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