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Oracle Database Creation

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This article shows you how to create a new Database along with a user with the appropriate roles required for AUTOFORM DM and Oracle Database Server.

Create database

We need to check the TNS listener is started, look in services for OracleOraDb11g_home1TNSListener

  • Launch the Database Configuration Assistant. Start > Oracle - OraDb11g_home1 > Configuration and Migration Tools > Database Configuration Assistant

  1. Click next

  2. Click next

  3. Enter AFPDM and click next

  4. Click next

  5. Select Use the same password…, enter a password which has an uppercase character, a lowercase character and a number, and click next

  6. Click next

  7. Click next

  8. Click next

  9. Click next

  10. Click next

  11. Click finish

  • Confirmation - click ok

  • Wait an eternity

(NB - The block size must be at least 8kb - which is the default size, otherwise there will be issues with some of the data sizes. Block size is set when the database is created, there is no way to change it later.)

Expect a warning at about 85% complete:

Enterprise manager configuration failed due to the following error - Listener is not up or database service is not registered with it.
  • Ignore it - everything is still (mostly) cool

Create user

Connect to the database

Now load up SQL Developer from the Oracle directory on the nas (where you got the installer).

  • Click the little green plus on the left

  • Make up a connection name

  • Enter SYS as the username

  • Enter the password you entered when you created the database

  • Check 'Save password'

  • Change the role to SYSDBA

  • Change the radio button to 'Service name'

  • Enter the service name 'AFPDM'

  • Test the connection

  • Connect!

Create a tablespace

  • Click on the View menu, then select DBA

  • Click on the little green plus in the DBA pane

  • Select the previously created connection and click OK

  • Click on the connection name, then Storage and click on Storage

  • Right-click on Tablespaces and select 'Create new'

  • Enter the name TS_AFPDM

  • Click on the 'File Specifications' tab

  • Click the little green plus and enter a filename of DATAFILE_AFPDM

  • Enter a file size of 1000 and select M from the dropdown to the right

  • Click OK

Actually create the user

  • Expand the connection in the Connections pane and scroll to 'Other Users' at the bottom

  • Right click and select 'Create User'

  • Enter a username

  • Enter a password

  • Select TS_AFPDM as the Default Tablespace

  • Select TEMP as the Temporary Tablespace

  • Click on the roles table and select 'Admin All'

  • Click Apply

  • Click Close

Configure Listener

By default the Oracle DB service will only be available locally, if wanting to make the DB accessible from external clients then:

  • Stop the OracleOraDb11g_home1TNSListener service

  • Edit the file <INSTALL_HOME>\product\11.2.0\dbhome_1\NETWORK\ADMIN\listener.ora

  • Change localhost to for each listener defined and save the changes.

  • Start the OracleOraDb11g_home1TNSListener service

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