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Number of characters in UNC Path

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The standard default maximum length for a UNC path in the File Output Port is 260 characters for Windows API.

A local path is structured as follows: 



\\<Local machine>\<Local path>\

Local computers

For local computers, an extended-length path can be supported for a maximum total path length of 32.767 characters. To specify an extended-length path you can use a prefix:

\\?\C:\<Very long local path>\


\\?\<Very long local path>\

Shared network drives

To support extended-length path for shared network drives, ensure you are using Lasernet 6.7.6, Lasernet 7.1 or above and type: '\\?\UNC\<Server>\<Path>\'.

Additional information

See MSDN for details about file and path restrictions.

Required module

  • File Output
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