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Models and Prerequisites for Lasernet FO Connector Installation - Knowledgebase / Lasernet FO Connector / D365 FO Connector General Information - Formpipe Support Portal

Models and Prerequisites for Lasernet FO Connector Installation

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Lasernet Connector for Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations contains the following models, including the model for the integration with Lasernet CE Connector and the models for the Lasernet Print Buttons.





Core and main engine for Lasernet FO Connector


Requires activation Key

Lasernet > Setup > Parameters > License terms


Additional requirements in relation to 8.1 and newer versions of standard Lasernet FO Connector


Lasernet print buttons

Print buttons


Adaptor between the Lasernet print buttons and Lasernet


Provide the integration to CE from Lasernet FO Connector

Lasernet > Dataverse/Dynamics 365


Hotfixes for standard Lasernet FO Connector

System Administration > Setup > Hotfixes from Lasernet

Lasernet Test Suite

Test & Performance Suite

Lasernet > Test and performance suite

Requires activation Key

Lasernet > Test & performance suite > Parameters


Support of Wave labels in Lasernet FO Connector

Lasernet Autoform DM

Integration to the Autoform (Archive)


The class LACSrsPrintDestinationSettings_Extension is now named SrsPrintDestinationSettings_LAC_Extension.

If errors related to LACSrsPrintDestinationSettings_Extension occur, some objects or models may not be checked in. Another possible problem is that not all models have been built.

Ensure the following new objects/dll files are added to TFS in case you are not just installing/deploying the AOT package:

  • LACSupport.dll.config

  • XmlDiffPatch.dll

  • XmlDiffPath.View.dll


The following is the complete list of objects that are not automatically added.

Et billede, der indeholder tekst

Automatisk genereret beskrivelse

The version number should contain the intended version (such as in the following screenshot, 6.21) after either installing or deploying the AOT package.

Lasernet > Setup > Parameters

Add the AOT package

Either through LCS - Apply a deployable package to an environment

Or by installing a deployable package – Requires RDP access to environment

Different versions of Lasernet FO Connectorare supported with different versions of Lasernet. A setup for each newer version of Lasernet is required for any new installation and when upgrading from an older version of Lasernet.


It is best practice to refresh the Stylesheet after upgrading Lasernet FO Connector as this could help avoid potential issue(s).

Use the following Register selection classes, located in Lasernet > Setup > Backup parameters > Setup Default Selections, in case an error like the following is thrown when using Export, Import, or Copy across companies.

The newly introduced upgrade framework in Lasernet FO Connector 6.18 should manage but could fail when using a TFS/Dev build as this would require executing Microsoft.Dynamics.AX.Deployment.Setup.exe.



Error message


Please try to run ’Register selection-classes’ before processing.



Cannot create a record in Lasernet default export/import selection (LACDefaultSelection). The record already exists.

Object reference not set to an instance of an object.

Helpful Unhelpful

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