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Merging PDF files using the external tool

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This article describes how to merge two PDF files. The Combiner, which is available in most Engines and Output modules, has no support for merging jobs containing PDF data. None of the modules, in the Lasernet Document Management suite, has such functionality included.

A third-party application must be added separately. An application, which from a command line can merge PDF documents, can be executed via the Process Engine.

The Process Engine is used for running external processes. These processes can have data from Lasernet as input and produce output that is entered back into Lasernet.

In this example a command-line tool will be added to the Process Engine with the following parameters:

pdfmerge.exe { [options] inputfile } [options] outputfile

Command line pdfmerge.exe %1 "C:\PDF Documents\document.pdf" %2
Working directory C:\Program Files\PDF Merge
Required Exit Code 0 (value for exit code can vary from application to application)
Input data General file
Output file Read file
Input extension PDF
Output extension PDF

This will merge Jobdata, containing PDF data, with a PDF document stored on a file location. JobInfo substitution is supported in the command line, for setting up dynamic file location and file name.

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A commercial PDF Merging tool is available from this web site:

The link has no commercial interest for Formpipe Software.
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