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Manual Background Print Call from Code

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When using the Performance Suite, the following code example can be used to manually call Background printing from the code:

/// <summary> /// This class gives an example how to call Batch print function from the code /// </summary> class LACTestBatchPrintJobScheduleCallExample { /// <summary> /// Tutorial to use Batch print function for Multithread big data processing /// </summary> [SuppressBPWarning('BPUpgradeCodeRunBaseRunCalled', 'Intentional call of the run instead of runOperation')] static void runBatchPrintJobSchedule() { LACTestBatchPrintJobSchedule batchPrintJobSchedule; QueryBuildDataSource qbds; SRSPrintDestinationSettings pds; batchPrintJobSchedule = LACTestBatchPrintJobSchedule::construct(LACTestBatchPrintApproach::BatchBundling); batchPrintJobSchedule.parmReportName = 'ReportName'; // Name of the LAC report batchPrintJobSchedule.parmTableName = 'TableForReport'; // Name of the table to be used in Query to pass records to generate Reports batchPrintJobSchedule.parmNumberOfThreads = 4; // Number of threads/tasks. Note that number of actual parallel threads is specified on batch servers. These tasks will be executed when available Batch Thread picks it up batchPrintJobSchedule.parmMaxRecords = 100; // Maximum of records (limit) to be processed. Takes all from query if 0 is set batchPrintJobSchedule.runInBatch = NoYes::Yes; // Parameter to run in Batch batchPrintJobSchedule.batchGroupId = ''; // Batch group ID for the Batch jobs batchPrintJobSchedule.bundleReports = NoYes::Yes; // Flag to make multiple reports per XML batchPrintJobSchedule.bundleReportFirstSize = 2; // Number of records bundled into 1st XML in each thread/task. It is not genereated if 0 set. batchPrintJobSchedule.bundleReportSize = 20; // Number of records bundled into middle (lardge) XML in each thread/task. It is calculated if 0 set by: bundleReportSize = (parmMaxRecords div parmNumberOfThreads) - bundleReportFirstSize - bundleReportLastSize batchPrintJobSchedule.bundleReportLastSize = 3; // Number of records bundled into last (3rd) XML in each thread/task. It is not genereated if 0 set. batchPrintJobSchedule.logPerReport = NoYes::Yes; // Flag to use logs per XML generation batchPrintJobSchedule.logWithLACArchive = NoYes::No; // Flag to wait for responce from Lasernet. DO NOT USE IT on big bundles! batchPrintJobSchedule.logSummary = NoYes::Yes; // Flag to use logs for execution batchPrintJobSchedule.logCPU = NoYes::No; batchPrintJobSchedule.logMemory = NoYes::No; // Setup query for the Scheduler whihc should pick up only required records. The best that it has single data source with ranges. No sorting or grouping. batchPrintJobSchedule.updateQueryRunByTable(true); qbds = batchPrintJobSchedule.queryRun().query().dataSourceNo(1); //qbds.addRange(...); // Add required ranges on status fields or dates // Setup print settings pds = new SRSPrintDestinationSettings(); pds.lacDestinationSettings().skipDelivery(false); pds.printMediumType(SRSPrintMediumType::LACFax); // Setup required destination. You can use FAX for testing pds.lacDestinationSettings().destTypes4Print(LACDestinationSettings::SRSPrintMediumType2LACDestTypes4Print(pds.printMediumType())); pds.lacDestinationSettings().fax('TEST'); // batchPrintJobSchedule.printSettings = pds.pack();; } static void main(Args _args) { LACTestBatchPrintJobScheduleCall::runBatchPrintJobSchedule(); } }
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