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Lasernet Tasks Batch Job in AX 2012

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This article provides an overview and explanation of the Lasernet tasks batch job in AX 2012. More information on this batch job can be found in the Lasernet Connector for Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 - Configuration Manual attached to the end of this article.

Lasernet Tasks

Lasernet tasks is an automatically generated Lasernet batch job. It is created when a user prints to a Lasernet destination in AX 2012.

In AX 2012, Lasernet handles files in folders, these folders can be found in Lasernet > Setup > Parameters > Default values. Lasernet sends files to the XML output location and PDF preview folder. The Lasernet batch job moves the files to the Archive folders; XML archive folder and PDF archive folder. By default this job is set to run every minutes but you do have the ability to change the recurrence time on this batch job.



Additional Information

Sometimes we see the batch job failing and this is fixed by simply deleting it. If you delete the batch job, it will start/ be created again next time someone prints a Lasernet report.

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