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Lasernet FO Connector 6 - Only the Field RecId is Added to Replacement Report/Query

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Fields are automatically loaded from the SSRS report when creating a replacement report (Query), but, in some cases, only the field RecId was added to the replacement report/Query.

This would require the fields to be added manually as only the RecId fields are added automatically. This would result in tables are not created properly for in the Query Wizard (the replacement report /Query).

Another issue is caused where And/or fields are not created properly in the Query Wizard (the replacement report /Query).


Follow these steps for the current workaround for loading the fields into the replacement report:

1. Locate the SSRS report and select the Structure.

2. Either mark the field Active or select Save in case a new report was entered in the Report name.

2. Select Reload report fields, close the Structure and press F5 to refresh and reload the Form.

3. Repeat step 1 and reopen the Structure.

4. Repeat step 2 and select Reload report fields and answer Yes to all once the following question is presented:


Any manual settings in the elements are set to their default settings when answering Yes to all, but shouldn't be an issue as this report will be used for a replacement report (Query).

5. Close the Structure.

Creation of the Replacement report (Query) will now add the tables and fields from the SSRS reports into the Query Wizard.

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