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How to use the Lasernet Job Mode

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Job Mode allows you to see a flowchart of a document’s journey through a Lasernet build, as well as view JobInfo’s and job information relevant to the document being viewed.

How to enable job mode

There are two steps to take before the Job Mode can be used:

Job Retention

By default, all information about a successful job is deleted from the Lasernet database when it is completed. Therefore, in order to be able to view successful jobs in Job Mode we must increase the job retention value, which is the length of time the jobs are kept in the database.

To do this, follow the instructions below that correspond to your version of Lasernet:

Lasernet 9 or higher

1. With Lasernet Developer open, click Servers and then click on the instance.

2. Navigate to the Database tab, select the  Job Mode checkbox and set the job retention value – by default, it is 0.

Lasernet 8

Double-click on a server name to bring up the server properties, click the Database tab where you will find the job retention value – by default it is 0.

It is worth noting that failed jobs are always retained. The process is the same with Embedded and external databases. Please be aware of the disclaimer that “Keeping succeeded Jobs over extended periods, can decrease the processing speed of Jobs, especially for the embedded database”.

Lasernet web service API

Job mode communicates with the Lasernet service via functions contained in the Lasernet webserver API. Therefore the API must be enabled in the server configuration for data to be passed back and viewed in Job Mode. To enable the API go to Server Properties and then to the Client tab. Select the checkbox to enable the client and ensure that the Listen port is free for use on your Lasernet server.

After following these instructions please make sure that you update the Lasernet build in order to enable Job Mode.


Using Job Mode

Once Job Mode has been activated and jobs are passing through Lasernet, we can view the job information by selecting the corresponding server and switching to the Job Mode view. If the button is greyed out or invisible, make sure that the server and diagram view is selected.

When entering Job Mode, a list of all the processed input jobs on the selected server is shown. If it is the first time Job Mode has been enabled then the list will be empty.


There are two modes for viewing the list of jobs:

Input: Looking at jobs coming into Lasernet.

Output: Looking at jobs going out of Lasernet.


By default, all jobs are listed. You can look for a specific job using the Job ID in the search bar.


The example below shows how a successful document will appear in the Job Mode view and how to interpret the results:

JobID: the original Job ID when the data is picked up by the Lasernet system.

Date: the date the file was processed.

Status: shows if the document processing is complete.

Queue: which module picked up the data.

Output jobs: shows how many documents were created.

Output view contains the same information, except that the status will be updated to reflect success/failure and Queue will show the last module that the data got to.

Clicking one of the Job IDs listed will bring up the flow chart showing how the document was processed in Lasernet. Successful processing will be shown by green modules and errors will be shown with red modules.

Clicking on one of the modules will bring up the processing information and any jobinfos that are being saved to the database. These can be viewed on the right-hand side.

Clicking the Log button at the top will bring up all relevant logging for this job. This can be viewed and searched just like the main log.

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