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How to update an Autoform DM License

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Video Tutorial

Learn how to update your Autoform DM license with the help of our video tutorial. Click the Watch Video button below:

To update your DM license and view the features available in your license, follow these steps:

1. Log into Autoform DM and select Administration.

2. Under System Modules, select Licence Activation.

3. Paste your licence code into the box or use the Browse button to navigate to the licence.lic file.

4. Click the Activate button.

The details of your new licence appear under Licence Details:

Activation Code error

Once the Activate button is pressed, users may receive a message declaring that the licence is unable to be activated automatically.:

If this occurs, please contact Formpipe Support and provide them with the code from the box (the code contained in the box in the image above is an example).

Evaluation Mode

 If an activated licence is not available, Autoform DM can be put into Evaluation Mode where it will continue to work for 30 days before requiring an activated licence to function. We recommend using Evaluation Mode for out of hours upgrades where a new licence has not been requested in advance from Formpipe Support staff, or for test environments that are cleared down on a regular basis.

For more details, please read the Overview section of the Autoform DM Installation Guide.


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