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How do I set up Multiple D365 LAC environments to one Lasernet server? - Knowledgebase / D365 FO Connector / D365 FO Connector FAQs - Formpipe Support Portal

How do I set up Multiple D365 LAC environments to one Lasernet server?

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This article explains how to set up multiple D365 environments with a Lasernet Connector to a single Lasernet server.


One environment should already be successfully configured to the Lasernet server.

1. Add a PostJobInfo to your Azure Service Bus module.

2. Change your OutAzure Module’s Azure Storage Connection to #DatabaseConnection#.

3. Create another Azure Storage connection for your second environment using the LAC Connection String Account Name and Key.


The connection test must pass here.

4. Change the connection on each Azure Storage Blob to use #DatabaseConnection#.

5. Commit and deploy the changes to your Lasernet server.

6. Set up your first environment as usual.

7. Enable Demo mode for your second environment.

8. Create the environment in Lasernet > Setup > Administration > Environments.

9. Create the Azure Service bus queue connection in Lasernet > Setup > Administration > Connections.


Use the primary connection string from the SAS on the Azure service bus and use your environment’s queue.

10. Click Validate.

11. Navigate to Lasernet > Setup > Administration > Lasernet Servers and create a Lasernet server.

12. Enable the record, and choose your Azure service bus queue as the Outgoing connection.

13. Select the Azure Storage created in the developer from the Lasernet Azure connection name dropdown.

14. Select Validate and then Update Data.

15. Click Test and disable Demo mode in the second environment.

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