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How to run Lasernet in debug mode

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When running Lasernet as a service, any pop-up dialog box which is created by third-party components, will not interact with the desktop and will stay hidden in memory. This can cause Lasernet input queues to stop processing jobs.

If you are having an issue with security rights, connecting to a Windows printer or running a third-party executable, it can be useful to run Lasernet in debug mode to investigate error handling. In debug mode Lasernet will interact with the desktop and run with the same security rights as the login user.

Debug mode

Follow these steps to start Lasernet in debug mode:

1. Stop the Lasernet service you wish to run in debug mode from the local services in the Windows control panel.

2. Log in as a Windows user with the required security rights.

3. Start a command prompt and change the directory to the Lasernet installation folder.

4. To run Lasernet as a console application type:

 lnservice -debug -name <instance name> -port <port number> 

(In the example below, the instance name is TheNew and the port is 3282)

If there is no instance name and the port number is specified, the Lasernet service will use Default as the instance name and 3279 as the port number.

Additional information

Often printing will fail if you try to print to a shared printer on a Windows 2012 server using a UNC path, before manually establishing a connection to the printer. To prevent a pop-up dialog from printer drivers, please read related articles.

Adobe Reader is sometimes used as an external component for automatically printing PDF Files via the Lasernet services. Information about new updates for Acrobat Reader can cause a dialog to ask the user to accept the update, but the dialog will only interact with the desktop in debug mode and can cause Lasernet to stop processing documents. See the related article for how to use Foxit Reader for printing PDF files.

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