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How to password-protect PDF files in Lasernet? - Knowledgebase / Lasernet / Lasernet FAQs - Formpipe Support Portal

How to password-protect PDF files in Lasernet?

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Password protecting PDF documents generated by Lasernet provides an additional level of security to potentially sensitive data. 

Password protection types 

Two types of password protections can be assigned to PDF documents:

  • User password protection

  • Owner password protection

Both user and owner password protection entail different types of limitations:

Area User password protection Owner password protection
PDF/A Compliant
Not Allowed Not Allowed
Printing Not Allowed
Document Assembly
Not Allowed
Not Allowed
Content Copying Not Allowed
Content Copying for Accessibility
Not Allowed
Page Extraction
Not Allowed
Not Allowed
Commenting Not Allowed
Filling of Form Fields Not Allowed
Signing Not Allowed
Not Allowed
Creation of Template Pages Not Allowed
Attachment Not Allowed
File Type Conversion Not Allowed
Not Allowed


To create a PDF security modifier and password protect your Lasernet generated PDF document, follow these steps:

  1. Open Lasernet Developer and select the Modifiers tab in the Tools menu on the bottom left corner of the page.

  2. Select the Add button on the Toolbar at the top of the page to create the PDF Security modifier. The Add Modifier window will appear. 

  3. Select PDF Security and click OK to access the new Modifier settings.

  4. Select the Setup tab, select the Encrypt checkbox, insert the password into the User and/or Owner Password boxes, and click OK.

    As stated in the limitations table, assigning a password prevents Lasernet from generating a PDF/A compliant document. 

  5. Open the Modules tab in the Tools menu and double-click on the PDF Engine module.

  6. Ensure you have cleared the PDF/A Compliant checkbox then add it to any modifier point on or after the Exit Modifier on the PDF Engine.

Opening the generated file

When accessing the document generated by Lasernet, an input screen will appear.  To open the PDF file, type the appropriate password. When working on the file, keep into account the limitations due to its password protection.


If a password is lost, the document is not salvageable.

Using JobInfos to define passwords 

Lasernet modifiers and modules generally allow JobInfos to be used by typing "#" before and after the JobInfo’s name. JobInfos can also be used to set passwords in the PDF Security modifier. The JobInfo’s value must be set prior to the document reaching this modifier.

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