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How to find space (0x20) in an element name? - Knowledgebase / AX 2012 / AX 2012 FAQs - Formpipe Support Portal

How to find space (0x20) in an element name?

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This article provides details in finding an element with a space (0x20) in the name via searching in the table.


Please follow these steps:

1. Open the AOT (press CTRL + D). 

2. Expand Data Dictionary and then Tables.

3. Select the first table and then start typing "lacreportelement" on your keyboard. 

4. Right-click LACReportElement and choose Add-Ins and the Table browser.

5. Press CTRL + G and then locate the column with the report name and type the "reportname*. 

6. In the ElementName column, type "* *".

Now you know the name of the element so you can search for it within the reports elements.

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