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How do I Enable a Lasernet Performance Log in AX 2012? - Knowledgebase / AX 2012 / AX 2012 FAQs - Formpipe Support Portal

How do I Enable a Lasernet Performance Log in AX 2012?

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Since version 3.5.x.x you can enable a performance log that shows how long Lasernet takes to generate the XML file within Axapta.

Enabling the log

To enable the log, follow the steps below:

  1. Navigate to Lasernet > Setup > Parameters and open the Performance tab.

  2. Expand the Tracking section and select either Full or Simple for the Performance indicator field.


The ‘Full’ and ‘Simple’ values determine how much information is returned by the log.

  1. From the dropdown choose the User ID.

When using an older version of LAC:

  1. Open the AOT and expand the Tables window.

  2. Locate the LAC Parameters table.

  3. Right-click the table and navigate to Add-ins > Table browser.

  1. Select the checkbox in the ShowPermormanceInfo column.

  1. Save and close the table.


All users will see the performance info log until it is disabled again.

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