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How to Connect to Formpipe Cloud.

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This article provides information about the hosted Lasernet and Autoform DM deployments.

Connecting to the Formpipe Cloud Service


The details shown in the images are examples.

Lasernet Version

Lasernet License

License Type Activation Code No. of Activations
Developer 1: - -

Lasernet Connection Properties

Property Value
Web URL for Lasernet Portal
URL for Developer:
Username admin
Password p3rbC9lW]@ty

Autoform DM Version Installed

Autoform DM Version

Autoform DM Connection Properties - TEST

Property Value
Web URL for DM
Username admin
Password hXMco8d1=ph&

Lasernet Service Properties

Service Details

Property Value
Lasernet Instance Test1
Lasernet Instance Production1

Azure Service Bus Details

Instance Connection String
Test Endpoint=sb://;EntityPath=test;SharedAccessKeyName=FormpipeCloud;SharedAccessKey=4KDaa2dg0Ljdrp8hpnzUi8YVTbZazM8PbjE4neLd9GU=;
Production Endpoint=sb://;EntityPath=prod;SharedAccessKeyName=FormpipeCloud;SharedAccessKey=4KDaa2dg0Ljdrp8hpnzUi8YVTbZazM8PbjE4neLd9GU=;

Azure Print Storage Account Details

Instance Connection String
Test-Spool DefaultEndpointsProtocol=https;AccountName=saprintrcttest8303;AccountKey=OSCK+JCd4s7ASqpaZlNsiJmFruTDm4qjAx0UWWe2EDOvWfVP61UVTw6cylzg8lsNWfG2hv/NvFsM+ASt2a3cgA==;

How to connect to Formpipe Cloud


1. Open your local copy of the Lasernet Developer Licence Manager.

2. Activate the Developer application using the Developer Licence Activation Code.

3. Navigate to the web URL to access the config portal using the Username and Password provided.


4. Access Lasernet Developer by using the URL for Developer to connect, and the Username and Password provided.

5. Click Connect.

The Lasernet Start page is displayed:

How to connect to Formpipe Cloud

Autoform DM

1. Copy the Autoform DM URL into your web browser and navigate to the site.

2. Enter the Username and Password provided.

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