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How do I Add Fields to XML from the Dialog?

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The Dialog function is set up to allow you to determine the look and functionality of the dialog that opens when you try to print a report, where end-users can manually type in values. This manually entered value will then be included in the XML that is produced. You can set up many features, such as mandatory filters, ranges, and much more.

Lasernet FO Connector version: series 6

To set up the Dialog, follow these steps:

1. Navigate to Lasernet > Common > Reports.

2. Select your Query, then click Setup > Form links.

3. Select the Form link to which you would like to add the Dialog and click Dialog setup.

The parameters mapping form is now displayed.

4. Expand the Parameters section, click New to create a new Dialog Control, give it a name and click OK.

5. Navigate back to the Reports list page and click Setup > Structure.

6. Select the section you would like to add your value to in the XML (for example, Labels), click New and provide a Name and Output.

7. Select Parameter from the Expression dropdown menu.

8. Click the dropdown menu again and select the parameter you previously created in Dialog Control (in this case, My Input).

9. Save the changes, navigate to your form and resend the report. To do so, click the Lasernet option on the Menu bar and select Print.

A dialog window will appear: notice it has an input field with the title of your Dialog Control. 

10. Type in a string and print the report.

11. Check your XML. Notice the string you typed into the dialog is now present in the XML, in the section you specified in the Structure.

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