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How to add data fields into the XML from Dynamics 365 to map it in Lasernet - Knowledgebase / Lasernet / Lasernet Developer FAQs - Formpipe Support Portal

How to add data fields into the XML from Dynamics 365 to map it in Lasernet

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When two fields are required in the D365 Purchase Order, they can sometimes fail to appear in the Lasernet Report. For example, a customer requested the SITE NAME (eg. The Willows) and the PLOT No. (eg 500 the building plot number on the site) to appear.

D365 Connector Finance and Operations

For the two fields to appear (using the example above), the report needs to be edited in D365 Connector. The steps to make changes to the Query are as follows:

1. Open D365 Connector F&O and navigate to Modules > Lasernet > Common > Reports.

2. Select the PurchPurchaseOrderReplacement query

3. On the top of the page, select Setup and then Query wizard.

4. Select Next until you reach the Fields page.

5. On the fields page, use the search filter to look for CTFPlot and CTFSite fields in the PurchLineAllVersions table.

6. Click the field in the left-hand column and use the right-pointing arrow to add them to the selected fields list on the right-hand column.

7. Click Finish.

8. Print the report again. During testing, use Resend and enable Force rerun to make sure the latest changes are picked up by the Connector.

Once done, the two new fields will appear in the XML.

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