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How do I Add a Check Signature to the Cheque Report for Batch Printing? - Knowledgebase / Lasernet FO Connector / Lasernet FO Connector FAQs - Formpipe Support Portal

How do I Add a Check Signature to the Cheque Report for Batch Printing?

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This article provides a solution to add the signature on a check layout to every applicable check printed via a batch job. The signature can be added to the report as a base64 file for a bitmap image through the FIELD_ChequeTmp_CheckSignature1  field. However, in the case of printing multiple checks at once, or using a batch, this field is only populated for the first check of the batch. This article shows how to add the signature to all the checks printed in the batch job.


The signature can be set up under Cash and bank management > Bank accounts  > Bank accounts > Set Up > Layout > Check. It is a bitmap image.


1. Navigate to Lasernet > Common > Reports and select your Query report for checks.

2. Open the Query wizard for the report and add the BankAccountTable under the ChequeTmp table as shown below:

3. Add the BankChequeLayout under the BankAccountTable as shown:

4. Click Next on the Query wizard and add the Signature1Bmp field. This is the image for Signature 1. You can also add the same field for signature 2 if signature 2 is being used.

5. Finish the Query wizard, open the Structure for the query and navigate to the section with the field you just added and change the Type to Base64 file.

6. Ensure you have Grab file enabled in Lasernet Developer and open the Form Editor for your checks.

7. In Dynamics 365, print a check and in the Form Editor on Lasernet Developer, select Form > Select last grab file to obtain the XML.

8. Change the mapping of the image to the signature from the BankChequeLayout table.

9. Drag the image to the desired location on the form, Commit and Deploy the change.

10. Print more than one check at the same time. The signature is now present on all the checks.

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