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How to activate a license online using Lasernet License Manager

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The Lasernet License Manager is used to administer your licenses for Lasernet Server and Lasernet Developer. The application also allows you to add and remove Lasernet service instances. This article will show users how to add a service instance and how to activate a license using the License Manager applications.

Video Tutorial

Learn how to activate a license with the help of our video tutorial. Click the Watch Video button below:

Add service instance

Lasernet service instances are not added automatically by the installer. To add one manually, follow these steps:

1. Open Lasernet License Manager from the Lasernet Launcher or the program folder and click the Add button, then select Lasernet Service from the dropdown menu.

 2. Type an instance name and free port number unused by other applications running on the same server. 

We recommend that you name your Lasernet Service instance with its primary function, so that it is easy to identify, for example: “Default”, “Prod”, “PreProd”, “Development” or a company or location ID.

The port number has to be unique and not used by other Lasernet service instances or applications running on the same server. As default Lasernet will suggest port 3279. 

3. Click OK to accept the settings.

You will now be prompted to insert an activation code. A valid server activation code starts with SRV and contains 8 groups of 4 characters each, e.g. SRV-BMDS-SUGX -ABCD-EFGH-IJKL-MNOP-QRST for the Lasernet Service. The Developer code begins with DEV.

4. Insert your activation code and click OK.

 When the activation code has been accepted you will be able to view the list of activated instances:

To protect your activation code, part of it is obscured with asterisks. If you want to see the activation code in full, right-click on the instance in the Lasernet License Manager and select Copy to clipboard. By default, you can add up to five instances of the Lasernet 10 service, each with a unique port number. If
support for additional instances is required, contact your reseller for more information.

Online activation

Lasernet License Manager can be used to add new instances of the Lasernet Service or to activate, deactivate or reactivate an activation code for existing instances.

To activate an instance, follow these steps:

1. Select the required instance and click the Activate button in the toolbar.

2. Enter the activation code and click OK.

In order to activate your server or developer, an internet connection is required. Once activated, an internet connection is no longer required. 

Firewalls can be set to block all connections. You will need to allow connection to DNS '' to activate. 

The protocol used is HTTPS.

When the activation code is accepted, the instance of Lasernet Service 10 will be running with the modules and packages attached to your license.

If you want to move the software to another computer, you must deactivate your license, before uninstalling and installing it on another computer.
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