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How do I update my Lasernet license?

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When you have upgraded your Lasernet server to include additional modules and packages, there is a need to update/reactivate your Lasernet license. This will enable you to benefit from the new features available in your new license. To do this, follow these steps below, and/or watch our video tutorial:

Video Tutorial

Learn how to update/reactivate a license with the help of our video tutorial, Lasernet License Manager Part Three. Click the Watch Video button below:

1. Open Lasernet License Manager and select the required service instance.

2.  Click the Reactivate button in the toolbar.

The license is now updated. This process can be repeated for Lasernet Developer.

Offline Reactivation/update

In order to perform an offline reactivation, you must first deactivate the server or developer using the offline deactivation process. When the deactivation process is complete, you must perform the offline activation process.

How do I check that my license has been updated?

To ensure your license has been updated to include additional modules and packages, you can use the Lasernet Monitor application. Please follow these steps:

1. Open Lasernet Launcher and select the Monitor application.

2. Enter your credentials to connect to Lasernet and select the relevant instance from the Instance dropdown menu.

3. Click the Licensing tab.

This will display a list of modules and packages that are included in your current license.

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