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How do I resolve printer issues in Lasernet?

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At times Lasernet can have issues with input files getting printed to Lasernet and can get stuck while trying to process some files from a print queue. Follow these steps to resolve these issues:

Restart Windows Print Spooler

1. Stop Lasernet Service via Lasernet Monitor.

2. Open services.msc and find Print Spooler.

3. Right-click the service and select Restart.

4. Once the service has restarted, start the Lasernet Service via Lasernet Monitor.

Viewing Spool File

You can also view and reprint the spool files in the print queue:

1. Navigate to %SystemRoot%\SYSTEM32\SPOOL\PRINTERS.

2. Stop Windows Print Spooler following the above steps but select Stop rather than “Restart”.

3. Copy the .SPL and .SHD files to a temporary location and then open Lasernet Print Viewer through the Start Menu.

4. Either open or drag and drop the Spool File into the Viewer.

5. You can now view and reprint the Spool File directly from the Lasernet Print Viewer.

More information on resolving printer issues can be found on the Microsoft site here
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