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How do I disable LDAP in Autoform DM?

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There are times when you will need to log into Autoform DM using a local user, for example:

Scenario 1

You need to disable LDAP to update the LDAP settings.

Scenario 2

Your LDAP server is down/unreachable and you need to disable LDAP without logging into Autoform DM.

Scenario 1 -LDAP is currently running but needs disabling

There is the option to turn off LDAP.:

1. Log in and click Administration in the left side of the window.

2. Under System Modules, click LDAP settings configuration.

2. Clear the LDAP integration enabled? checkbox.

Ensure the next step is performed out of hours, or ensure all users are aware they will be logged out automatically.

3. Select Yes to proceed.

Scenario 2 - Your LDAP server is down/unreachable

It is possible to disable LDAP authentication by editing the setting in the Database.

This should only be done with assistance from a Formpipe Engineer. If you require this change to be made send an email to

The process for disabling LDAP within the database is as follows:

1. Stop the Autoform DM service.

2. Back up the database (default AFPDM).

3. Open the tblGlobalSettings table in the database.

4. Find the entry with ConstID 3201 and change the value to “false”.

5. Restart the Autoform DM service.

6. Once Autoform DM is deployed,  log in with a local user.


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