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How do I check the current deployment state of Autoform DM?

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In order for Autoform DM to function a number of prerequisites need to be loaded first, most of these are related to the JBOSS Application Server that Autoform DM uses.

Within JBOSS there are some files that need to be deployed for Autoform DM to function as required. You can find the current state of these folders by accessing the Deployments folder within the Autoform DM install directory. To find this folder you first need to follow the instructions described in “Where is Autoform DM Installed?” and then opening the .\jboss*\standalone\deployments where * is the JBOSS directory (the full name is dependant on the version).

Within that folder you will see a number of files, pdm_app_module.ear that should always be present and contain the main components used by Autoform DM. If you use the Autoform DM Client you should also see setup.war and client.war.

If the Autoform DM service is started these files could be duplicated with a slightly different file extension:

.deployed: Autoform DM was successfully deployed and ready to use.

.deploying: Autoform DM is currently in the process of starting and should change to one of the other extensions in time

.undeployed: Configuration is needed before Autoform DM can be restarted, quite often this is caused by a licencing issue. If you are unable to find the cause in the logs you can contact Formpipe Support.

.failed: Autoform DM failed to deploy, if this is the case follow the instructions in “Why did Autoform DM not start when I restarted by the system?”.

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