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How do I back up and restore the Lasernet build? - Knowledgebase / Lasernet / Lasernet FAQs - Formpipe Support Portal

How do I back up and restore the Lasernet build?

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Hardware failures, although not very common, can cause potential loss of data. It is therefore very important to keep up-to-date backups of the Lasernet build (configuration).

The best practice is to create copies of the local configuration on a frequent schedule, as well as on an ad-hoc basis before applying large changes. By always having a backup of your system, you will be able to easily restore it in the event of a system failure, or if recently applied changes cannot be reverted.

To achieve this,  follow these steps which show the primary backup procedure:

1. From the Start screen, select Open configuration... and select your required configuration from the list.

2. From the File option in the Menu bar, select Export Configuration... from the drop-down menu.

3. Save the file to a location of your choice.

Update related backups

Lasernet automatically creates compressed backup files (.zip) but they are only created when you update the build (%ProgramData%\EFS Technology\Lasernet 7\Default). The Datafiles backups can be configured to supplement the primary backup described above but they never should be used as a replacement!

The zip files in this location contain the complete Lasernet configuration before the most recent update. To restore the build, extract the build’s zip file to a location on your file system. Using Lasernet, open the lnconfig file in this location and update the configuration.

Important: you should never interact directly with the DataFiles folder or the actual Runtime directory unless advised by a Formpipe Engineer.

Set up backups in Lasernet

For better handling of backups in Lasernet,  there are two parameters that can be set. Open the Server Properties: Minimum configuration backups and Minimum backup retention in days.  These values should not be set to zero otherwise Lasernet will not create backups. Whilst this function will keep the backup files on the server, you still need to have a primary backup strategy.

Important Information

If a critical situation occurs with your Lasernet system, to avoid extended downtime it is essential that you have a working backup strategy. Installing a Disaster Recovery (DR) system will greatly reduce downtime if an issue does occur. 

If required, Formpipe Support Engineers will also be on hand to help you quickly move over to your DR system. To discuss the option of installing a DR system or for advice on your backup strategy, please contact the Formpipe Support Team on


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