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Formpipe.Cloud Data Residency & Integrity

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Data Integrity

Customer data is protected from unexpected hardware failures, power outages and natural disasters by replicating your data locally and globally.

Rollback procedures are ready so data can be restored to a clean copy even after erroneous operations are performed.

Geo Redundant Storage

Geo redundant storage (GRS) which utilises global multi datacentre level redundancy for data and services. GRS allows the backup data to be replicated to another Azure region for additional redundancy. The weekly backup is stored for four weeks and the daily backup is stored for 7 days within the Recovery Services Vault.
Key Vaults are by default protected with both Locally Redundant Storage (LRS) and Zone Redundant Storage (ZRS).

SQL Database storage

SQL Database and SQL Managed Instances create transaction log backups every 5-10 minutes, a differential backup every 24 hours with a retention period of seven days, providing the backup with Point-In-Time-Restore (PITR) and long-term backups have a retention period of four weeks.

By default, SQL Database and SQL Managed Instance store data in geo-redundant storage blobs that are replicated to a paired region. Geo-redundancy helps to protect against outages impacting backup storage in the primary region and allows you to restore your server to a different region in the event of a disaster.

Data Residency

We can meet almost any data residency requirement as we have access to many data centre sites around the world - if you have specific requirements, please talk to us!

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