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Error Message - "##[error]Netmodule file missing:Dynamics.AX.Lasernet.[#].netmodule" - Knowledgebase / D365 FO Connector / D365 FO Connector FAQs - Formpipe Support Portal

Error Message - "##[error]Netmodule file missing:Dynamics.AX.Lasernet.[#].netmodule"

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When upgrading Dynamics 365 for Finance & Operations version 10.0.31 PU55 you may receive the following error: 

##[error]Netmodule file missing:Dynamics.AX.Lasernet.[#].netmodule 


Check your package’s PackagesLocalDirectory folder and review the NetModule files in it.

Ensure that only the new solution files are in the local PackagesLocalDirectory folder and under source control. This can be achieved by either of the following methods: 

  • Compare the local folder (PackagesLocalDirectory) with the folder in source control and remove the deleted/excess files. 

  • Remove the entire solution from source control and the PackagesLocalDirectory folder before importing and checking in. 


If you are receiving this error on a LAC version prior to 6.18.2 and do not wish to upgrade, you will need to re-download the LAC package for your version made available on our downloads page to obtain all the needed NetModule files.

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