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Error Message: "Company does not exist".

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When printing SSRS reports natively or printing SSRS or replacement reports with LAC after upgrading to 10.0.26, users may be presented with the error: “Company does not exist.” 

Microsoft has responded to the issue and confirmed it is related to:  

  • Changes to SrsReportRdIDataContract not supporting older packed data versions of report data that were stored in Usage Data. 

  • Example: Packed data on customer environment were pack version 3, while the latest 10.0.26 code supports only pack version 4 and 5. 

In order to resolve the issue perform the following steps:

Delete controller classes from Usage Data with Element name = report name + controller, such as: 

  • FreeTextInvoiceController
  • SalesInvoiceController
  • SalesConfirmController

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