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Dynamics and Images from Azure Storage

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This article will discuss the answers to some common questions related to images from Azure Storage.

Is it possible to retrieve the image by its ID so Lasernet can retrieve the image from Azure Storage?

Lasernet Developer Form Editor does have the capability to connect to an Azure Storage to retrieve images as blobs.  To do this, you can use the Connections tab in Lasernet Developer to set a connection to MS Azure Storage and SharePoint 365. Once the connection is set, users can retrieve images from Azure Storage or SharePoint 365.

Also, the Form Editor Images function has the ability to interpret Azure storage URLs for an image:


More details on these can be found in the Lasernet 9 Form Editor manual. More details on Azure Storage is available in the Lasernet Azure manual.

How can I retrieve an image from the blob by its ID in Lasernet?

Scenario: When a connection to an image stored in a new blob folder lasernet\images has been created. A .jpg file has been uploaded to the Sales Order number in the XML.

1. Save the image linked to the Sales Order number as shown below.

2. Refresh and copy the URL.

3. In Lasernet Form Options,  set up the connections to Azure Storage.

5. On the Form, select the Image tool >Job > Azure Storage URL.

6. Click the rearrange field, for instance SalesID.

7. On the Rearrange image, navigate to Objects.

8. Add a new Object Text and paste the URL from Azure Storage blob, removing the filename and extension and move it to the top.

9. Add a new Object Text and add .jpg or auto-detect.

10. Click Image as per below image and then Ok.

How can I retrieve an image from the blob where Dynamics has created the image file with no extension?

From Lasernet 9.9., below is tested on Lasernet version 9.9.2.

1. Select the rearrange for the image.

2. Changed the Image tools as required.

3. The images are correctly interpreted:

Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations - Base64String

Using Lasernet Connector you would need to either use the Attachments functionality or pick up the images directly from the docuref table by using the getFileContentAsBase64String(). Lasernet can then use the image functionality to decipher the picture and present it on the record.

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