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Document Translation

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The Document Translation page is used to define translations for all headings and labels based on the selected language code.

You have to print a report once before you can change labels that belong to the report.

To access the Document Translation page, follow these steps:

1. Sign into D365 BC and select the Lasernet Document Mgt dropdown from the list and the page is displayed. Otherwise, you can search for the Lasernet Document Mgt. page.

2. Select Document Translation.

The Document Translation page is dispayed:

The fields of the Document Translation page are described below:

Language Code Filter: Filters all the lines to only show a specific language code.

Code Filter: Free-form field that allows a filter to be set based on the Code field in the lines. Standard Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central filters can be used, such as range (1000..2000), either/or (1000|2000), or any of the following: * ? > < = @. For example, to show all lines that include the word “Bank”, type *Bank* in this field.

Not Translated Lines: If selected, only lines with translated text appear.

Sort Order: Determines how the lines are sorted. The options are:

  • Language Code
  • Code

Create New Language: Select a language in the drop-down list to create all words. After you have created all words for that language, you can proceed to the translations.

Once the filters are set in the General section, manually type the translated text in the Text field for each line. If no translations are entered, the text of the Code field is used.

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