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Delay sending invoice mail

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When there is a requirement/request to delay sending out emails with invoices. Reasons for the delay are varied, but perhaps they need to be checked before sending. This is possible by setting up schedules on the Module that is used to send out emails (Outlook Mail, Exchange, or the Mail module).

To do this, follow these steps:

1. Click the Modules option in the Tools menu, and select the Output tab in the Object box.

2.  Double-click either Mail, Exchange or the Outlook module from the Object box.

The Outlook Mail Properties window is displayed.

3.  Click the Scheduling tab and select the Enable Scheduling checkbox.

4. Click the Add button.

Here you can define mail scheduling criteria such as the reportname from AX / Operations or the RecognizedReport jobinfo (if used).

5. Click the Criteria tab and click Add to enter the criteria for the JobInfo.

6. Click the Times tab and then click the Add button to display the Edit scheduler event window. Here there are multiple options to configure the times for the email output. 

While they are scheduled they can be viewed from Lasernet Client once a connection has been established by selecting it on server settings.

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