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Create a Migration Schema

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To be able to migrate the configuration from one environment to another we are required to create a schema that tells the migration tool which entities to export and import.


To be able to execute the steps required in this article the following is required:

  • Migration tool for importing and exporting data from and to environments.


1. Open the folder where you previously stored the Data Migration Tool and open the executable.

2. Select Create schema and press Continue.

3. Select Office 365 and Advanced and provide the required login information. Afterward, select Login.

4. Select the organization where the Lasernet connector is installed and press Login.

5. Select Lasernet in the drop-down under Select the solution.

6. Select Add All.

7. Select Save and Export.

8. Provide a storage location and name and click Save.

9. Select No when asked to export data and close the application.

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