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Compilation error from LAC 6.17

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Customers that have developed code to initialize Lasernet reports in LAC versions prior to LAC 6.17, will get a compilation error when they upgrade to LAC 6.17 because report initialization from the code has changed in LAC 6.17 

Type mismatch in 'LACRunQueryServiceController.newReport' argument 2. The expected type is 'LACArgsCache', but the actual type is 'boolean'. 

Lasernet connector (LAC) version 6.17 contains major enhancements related to performance. One of the newly introduced features is a new logic for the cache. This change affects the way the report is initialized and processed from the code. 

It might be required that some customers having custom code to launch Lasernet reports have to update the code. 

The Lasernet tutorial is also updated to give users an understanding of using Lasernet features from the code. LACTutorialStartReport shows the changes that might be required to follow. 

Older LAC versions:

LAC 6.17 version:


Code fragment to initialize LACRunQueryServiceController:
LACRunQueryServiceController controller = LACRunQueryServiceController::newReport("LACCustTable", LACArgsCache::newCache('LACCustTable'), true);

In case there is no Report in the scope/context of the process, LACArgsCache should be initialized with an empty string:

LACArgCache empty string:
LACArgsCache argsCache = LACArgsCache::newCache(");

Here is an example that should be followed:

The updated tutorial model has been added to the LAC 6.17.1 release.


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