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Acquire the Migration Tool

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To be able to migrate the configuration from one environment to another, we are required to download the migration tool provided by Microsoft.


To be able to execute the steps required in this article the following is required:

  • Administrative access to the installation location


1. Navigate to

2. Copy the script as instructed from the steps in the link above.

[Net.ServicePointManager]::SecurityProtocol = [Net.SecurityProtocolType]::Tls12 $sourceNugetExe = "" $targetNugetExe = ".\nuget.exe" Remove-Item .\Tools -Force -Recurse -ErrorAction Ignore Invoke-WebRequest $sourceNugetExe -OutFile $targetNugetExe Set-Alias nuget $targetNugetExe -Scope Global -Verbose ## ##Download Plugin Registration Tool ## ./nuget install Microsoft.CrmSdk.XrmTooling.PluginRegistrationTool -O .\Tools md .\Tools\PluginRegistration $prtFolder = Get-ChildItem ./Tools | Where-Object {$_.Name -match 'Microsoft.CrmSdk.XrmTooling.PluginRegistrationTool.'} move .\Tools\$prtFolder\tools\*.* .\Tools\PluginRegistration Remove-Item .\Tools\$prtFolder -Force -Recurse ## ##Download CoreTools ## ./nuget install Microsoft.CrmSdk.CoreTools -O .\Tools md .\Tools\CoreTools $coreToolsFolder = Get-ChildItem ./Tools | Where-Object {$_.Name -match 'Microsoft.CrmSdk.CoreTools.'} move .\Tools\$coreToolsFolder\content\bin\coretools\*.* .\Tools\CoreTools Remove-Item .\Tools\$coreToolsFolder -Force -Recurse ## ##Download Configuration Migration ## ./nuget install Microsoft.CrmSdk.XrmTooling.ConfigurationMigration.Wpf -O .\Tools md .\Tools\ConfigurationMigration $configMigFolder = Get-ChildItem ./Tools | Where-Object {$_.Name -match 'Microsoft.CrmSdk.XrmTooling.ConfigurationMigration.Wpf.'} move .\Tools\$configMigFolder\tools\*.* .\Tools\ConfigurationMigration Remove-Item .\Tools\$configMigFolder -Force -Recurse ## ##Download Package Deployer ## ./nuget install Microsoft.CrmSdk.XrmTooling.PackageDeployment.WPF -O .\Tools md .\Tools\PackageDeployment $pdFolder = Get-ChildItem ./Tools | Where-Object {$_.Name -match 'Microsoft.CrmSdk.XrmTooling.PackageDeployment.Wpf.'} move .\Tools\$pdFolder\tools\*.* .\Tools\PackageDeployment Remove-Item .\Tools\$pdFolder -Force -Recurse ## ##Download Package Deployer PowerShell module ## ./nuget install Microsoft.CrmSdk.XrmTooling.PackageDeployment.PowerShell -O .\Tools $pdPoshFolder = Get-ChildItem ./Tools | Where-Object {$_.Name -match 'Microsoft.CrmSdk.XrmTooling.PackageDeployment.PowerShell.'} move .\Tools\$pdPoshFolder\tools\*.* .\Tools\PackageDeployment.PowerShell Remove-Item .\Tools\$pdPoshFolder -Force -Recurse ## ##Remove NuGet.exe ## Remove-Item nuget.exe

3. In your Windows Start menu, type "Windows Powershell" and open it.

4. Create a new folder where the tools need to be installed. Type:

"new-item d:\devtools -ItemType directory"

5. Navigate to the folder you want to install the tools to. For example, if you want to install them in a devtools folder on your D drive, type "cd D:\devtools".
6. Paste the script copied above into the PowerShell window and press the Enter key. PowerShell will finish with the following message:

7. Navigate to the corresponding folder. You will now have acquired the MigrationTool.

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