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LAC365 CE Connector Download

Alex Clemons


This is the first release of the Lasernet Connector for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement. The Connector can be used together with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance & Operation, or using Azure Logic Apps, . Using the Connector with Finance & Operations, enables a rich set of features, like predefined destination, and the ability to enrich reports with data from finance and operation. Both variations are available for download.

Click the Download button to download a zip file of all your software or choose from the links below:

To use Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations, please download and

The LAC365 is compatible from Finance and Operations v.10 pu24.


The LAC365CE component requires minimum LAC365F&O version

To use Azure Logic Apps, please download and

Azure Logic App for CE Integration





To help install the software, please consult our Lasernet Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement Connector Installation Guide.

To see more information, please visit:

LAC365 CE Knowledgebase

LAC Test Suite - Testing

LAC Test Suite - Performance

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